About Reservations

When is the reservation starts?

We accept reservations from 6 months in advance by both internet and telephone.

Can I change the reservation, or is it possible to cancel it?

A.Depending on the reservation route, the regulations of reservation change, and the cancellation of a reservation are different. Please contact for more information to the company where you made your reservation, if you made the reservation using our hotel’s web site, feel free to contact us by telephone for a reservation change, or cancellation.

Can you tell us about the cancel policy?

Please make sure to contact us at least 2 days before your stay. A cancellation fee will be charged from 14 days before.

Can we day-use the hotel?

We may be providing the day-use on limited time, for more information, please contact the hotel’s reception.

Can I make a group reservation?

For group reservations of 3 rooms, the reservation policy is different, so please contact us for more information.

Can I wait for cancellation?

We are sorry, but we do not accept cancellation waiting. We are terribly sorry to inconvenience you, but please check the availability by phone or from our website at any time.

About Check-in and Check-out

Can you tell us the time of the check in and check out?

Check in is from 3pm to 8pm, check out is from 8am to 11am.

Can I check-out late??

For the late check out, We accept extension until 13:00 with an extra fee. The additional charge is 30% of the specified usage charge. Please note that we may decline depending on availability. We will secure a room for the next day, so when using the room surely after 15:00, there is an additional charge for one night.

during your stay

Is there a Wi-Fi service?

The entire building is equipped with wireless LAN, you can access to the internet by using the Wi-Fi for free.

Is there a television in the guest room?

Yes, we have television in every room.

Do you have a laundry service?

Unfortunately we don’t have a laundry service. We are able to guide you to the closet dry cleaning shop or a coin laundry as you wish.

Is there any parking lot for car and bicycle?

We don’t have parking lot in our hotel. We will guide you to the nearby hourly parking lot.

Do you store lost items?

For lost and found, we stored at the hotel for a certain period of time from the day of discovery. After keeping the lost and found, we have the privilege of handling them based on our regulations. For foods and drinks, we will follow our prescribed management procedure and dispose them on the same day as we found.

What type of room key do you have?

We have card keys. Every room has automatic door locks. Please have your card key with you when you are going out of the room.
※Please note that incase of losing or damaging the card key, 3000yen will be charged.

Is there a refrigerator in the guest room?

Yes, we have a refrigerator in every guest rooms. Please note that there is no freezing function.

Is the hotel universal designed?

No, our hotel is not universal designed.

Is it possible to stay with a pet animals or service dog?

Other than seeing-eye dog, service dog, or guide dog, regardless of animal type and size, please refrain from staying with pets. Incase of staying with a seeingeye dog, a service dog, or a guide dog, please contact us in advance.

What kind of basic toiletries do you have?

In the guest room, we have the toiletries listed below:
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, cleansing oil, toner, lotion, face towel, bath towel, toothbrush&tooth paste, hair brush, cotton swab, cotton, razor, hair dryer, slippers, bath robe, and air freshener.

Are there any amenities that can be rented out?

Mobile charger, hair iron, sewing kit

Can I use an extra bed?

We are sorry, but we don’t have any extra bed that can be set up in the guest rooms.

Is it possible to smoke?

The hotel is completely non-smoking. In case you smoke inside the hotel, cleaning fee and various repair fee will be charged.

About your payment

Are tax and service charge included in the price?

Tax and service change is included in the displayed price.

Is there an accommodation fee?

Please pay the accommodation fee at the reception. Accommodation fee (per person per night)
Less than 20,000 yen - 200 yen
20,000 yen or more and less than 50,000 yen - 500 yen
50,000 yen or more - 1,000 yen

Would you be able to provide a receipt?

When paying locally at check-in, you can receive a receipt at the hotel’s front desk.
※When you make a reservation by a method other than "local payment” from other web sites, please contact the web operating company.

Regarding efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

About efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection and putting the safety of our guests and staffs first, We are doing the following procedures. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

|In-house initiatives
・Installation of disinfection equipment - We have installed a disinfectant spray at the hotel entrance and various places.

・・Periodically disinfection in the hall - disinfection of all parts that the guests are expecting to touch, and we are thoroughly cleaning the room.

・・install an acrylic board - to prevent the spread of infection, we install an acrylic board at the check-in counter.

|Commitment to our guests
・Checking the time of the check in - to avoid contact with other customers, we will confirm the check-in time in advance.

・・Implementation of body temperature measurement - we are having body temperature measurement with a non-contact thermometer. Also we will ask you about your physical condition.

・・Request for hand sanitizing - we ask all the guests to disinfect your hands when they arrive at the hotel.

・・Disinfection of equipments used by guests - We disinfect card keys and other items each time the guests uses it.

|Commitment to our staff
・Wearing a mask - considering the health and safety of our guests and staff, we have been obliged to wear a mask.

・Disinfection of equipment used by staff - reception desk, keyboard of the computer, equipments in the reception desk, disinfection of the office.

・・Checking staffs’ physical condition before working - we enforce body temperature measurement and checking the physical conditions.

Depending on the situation of the government and specialized agencies, we will change the countermeasures if necessary. If you feel sick while you are staying, please feel free and let the staff know.