“Moon of KAGUYA”

“Moon” is a very important essence that is indispensable in the Heian period and also to KAGUYA
We expressed the “Moon” by making a huge golden art object, which is placed on the top floor closest to the real moon.
We made the brass into a moon shape by laser cutting.
By adding a rounding shape process to the ”Moon”, it makes the object to have a warm impression.
Also, to express the reflection of the moon on the surface of the water, we add a water crest-like expression to the moon itself to produce an art space suitable for Tsukimi-no-yu.


This is an abstract art panel that expresses the wind using the original Japanese traditional paper, which was created just for this hotel.
Gold foil and silver foil are used to create this art panel.
By framing the art panel all the way to the side, you can enjoy the threedimensional appearance of it.


By dismantling the gold folding screen antique art with birds and pine designed and reconstruct it, we’ve made a majestic art panel that will make you feel back in Heian Period.
For the picture frame, we use a fairly narrow frame that is popular now and tightened with a black color.
The theme of realism is contrasted with the wind floor.

“Floral decoration”

A hanging scroll made from Nishijin silk fabrics expresses the Junihitoe (twelve-layered ceremonial kimono) and the flurry of falling cherry blossoms.
Junihitoe is not actually made from twelve layers of fabrics, there’re only eight kinds of fabrics used to make one, so we studded eight kinds of Nishijin silk fabrics to make this art work.
In the center panel, there are cherry blossoms colored with white and gold, which is rolled up and pasted with a handmade black torinoko Japanese paper.
It is an art work that expresses the middle between abstract and realism.


A huge work of art that is both profound and gorgeous made with a combination of iron, gold foil and Japanese paper.
With the essence of gold foil in the Heian period combined with the colorful essence of Junihitoe(twelve-layered ceremonial kimono) to express the gradation with gold leaf and Japanese paper of various colors.
The ambience created by the entrance lighting overlaps and creates a perfect balance of contrast with black iron, which gives a gorgeous impression to the guest.

For the exterior of the hotel, we installed the KAGUYA logo mark, which is laser-cut stainless steel. A Façade art with suppressed tones promotes the gorgeous hall.